Speed Optimizer and Cleaner

Speed Optimizer and Cleaner

The PC Optimizer is a top quality PC speed optimizing and cleaning software from Adeeba E Services Pvt. Ltd. It is engineered specifically to boost the performance ability and speed of your computer system. It has been rated highly by thousands of satisfied customers and software professionals around the world.

Computer slowdowns and crashes are a result of the accumulation of junk files including temporary files, cookies, duplicate files, corrupted and missing registry files and low disk space. These unwanted files can severely harm the proper functioning of your computer on a regular basis. If a PC is not disinfected properly from junk files, it might eventually fail to even boot up. The PC Optimizer performs the exact set of actions required to boost your system’s speed. It keeps your PC free of all errors and optimizes its performance dynamically. Not only does your computer return to its ideal state, it performs way better and faster due to the PC Optimizer’s performance tweaks.

Unwanted files have a way of hiding themselves in the most unsuspecting locations on your PC. A large number of security and optimization programs fail to detect these junk files, due to their disputable nature. The PC Optimizer has scanning and detection capabilities to filter out all types of unwanted files. Advanced Optimization takes care of them permanently, including any residual files. Let us look at some of its key features -

The PC Optimizer – Speed And Performance Boosting Features

  1. Turbo Mode – The PC Optimizer’s Turbo Mode is one of the most powerful speed boosting options currently available. It does a speedy scan and clean up of your computer’s junk files and registry errors. Turbo mode can reduce unnecessary clutter and immediately increase your computer’s speed and performance.

  2. Program Deactivator – The PC Optimizer can deactivate unnecessary programs that slow down your computer. Several processes run on most computers without the permissions of the administrator. Program Deactivator is an essential tool that finds and stops these useless, malicious programs from consuming your CPU resources; thus speeding up your computer.

  3. Startup Optimizer and Manager – When you start up your computer, a large number of your installed programs might start running automatically. This contributes to the slowing down of your PC and leaves you wondering why its performance has dropped. The PC Optimizer’s Startup Optimizer and Manager gives you total control over all startup processes. You can select and deselect the startup permissions for all your installed application software.

  4. Drive Defrag – Fragmented files on any of your Disk drives can slow down its performance considerably. Defragmentation is required to reduce file system fragments and free up disk space. The PC Optimizer’s Drive Defrag is a powerful performance boosting feature that allows your Hard Disk’s read-write heads to access files faster. This tool also reduces future fragmentation issues significantly, thus maintaining optimal speed on your system.

The PC Optimizer – Top Benefits

  • A Faster System – The PC Optimizer cleans junk files and registry errors, defrags your Hard Disk Drives and stops unnecessary processes. This results in an instant increase of your computer’s processing capability and speed.
  • Less Crashing – Slow systems with temporary files, registry errors, residual junk and cookies can lead to frequent crashes. The PC Optimizer’s comprehensive scan and remove features get rid of these unwanted junk files and significantly reduce system crashes.
  • Smoother Running PC – The PC Optimizer performs crucial performance tweaks to ensure smooth running of your PC. This is achieved through startup optimization, stopping of background processes, disk defragmentation and junk files elimination. Your PC will perform at its optimal state with PC Optimizer.
  • More Disk Space – Total removal of junk files and advanced defragmentation frees up a lot of previously unavailable disk space. This gives you more freedom to get maximum functionality of your computer, while also increasing the disk read/write speed.