Security Solutions

Security Solutions

Do you need advanced security solutions to help protect your organizational data, network, assets and applications? Adeeba E Services Pvt. Ltd., the globally leading IT solutions brand, has complete security solutions for global organizations.

Our security solutions include 24x7 monitoring, network and data security, risk and vulnerability management, web based security, compliance regulations, cloud security, threat and security intelligence. We have realized that security should always be a top priority of any organization. It is as important as the actual work processes Companies today not only need standalone security measures, but those that are integrated within their entire software, hardware and network infrastructure. We give you vital protection against potentially harmful threats, network intrusions and correctly detect vulnerabilities; that can otherwise prove to be fatal.

Why Use Our Security Solutions

Our security solutions meet international quality certifications, and have helped our clients to get complete security for their assets and information. We make frequent assessments of your organization’s security systems and provide solutions for all around protection across all your servers and end-devices. We implement stringent measures to restrict and control the access to your organizational assets (both hardware and online) via identity management and resilient firewall systems.

Our security solutions provide you the mechanisms required to instantly boost enterprise-wide infrastructural protection. This allows your company to fully focus on its main activities, without worrying about their system, data or application security. We have innovative security applications for organizations that use BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) methods. If you are thinking of implementing new processes and services, we will ensure they have complete protection, right from the start.

Our experts make thorough estimates of your security requirements, and provide you with plans that are aligned to your business requirements, and fit in seamlessly within your online and physical facilities. Adeeba E Services’ Security Solutions are quite cost effective as we aim to provide the best possible security measures at highly competitive rates. Our clients can also avail our managed security services that are equipped to handle all growing security infrastructure demands. This eliminates the need of your organization spending large amounts to protect its assets. Adeeba E Services’ Security Solutions are your organization’s best bet against threats of all nature.