Professional Services

Professional Services That Ensure Growth

Businesses of all sizes are facing challenges to cope up with advances in IT technology. The need for professional IT services is at an all time high due to sharp increases in work volume and the pressure to meet project deadlines. Adeeba E Services has come up with a comprehensive list of IT services to help our clients achieve steady growth and stability. Our services are designed to increase productivity, reduce time and money costs and help you achieve your business targets efficiently.

We help our global clients achieve their IT and outsourcing goals and stay ahead of the competition. Adeeba E Services understands the importance of implementing professional services that reduce operational risks and enhance your workflow. Clients can choose from our pre-existing service plans or get customized ones to suit their needs. Our highly skilled project managers and IT consultants cooperate closely with your team, to provide tried and tested solutions. Creativity, smart strategies and professionalism are the base principles of our information technology enabled services. Top multinational corporations, including several Fortune 500 regulars have benefitted vastly with our quality services.

Whether it’s a demanding project or permanent solutions for our clients’ day to day functional needs, we have the perfect IT solutions. From data center and communications management to networking and mobility services, you get it all. Adeeba E Services is the number one IT service choice for our growing list of reputed clients.

Our Professional Services

Our professional services are based on detailed analysis, expert assessment and strategic innovation. We have made timely and cost-efficient IT solutions a reality, with our extensive market research, time tested IT methods and goal oriented approaches. Regardless of the scale of your business, we ensure top priority for your all IT needs. We engineer service plans that are tailor-made to meet your expectations. 24/7 support ensures effective communication between our team and your workforce. Adeeba E Services gives you the ability to strengthen your credibility with the strength of our IT services.

Here’s a look at our Professional services –

  1. Data Center Services – Data management is an important aspect of the current IT industry. Small to large scale businesses benefit from our data handling capabilities. Adeeba E Services has the necessary data storage, management, networking and server infrastructure and technical expertise and to meet all our clients’ data center needs. We incorporate secure cloud data facilities and integrated virtualization that ensure risk free storage, back up, accessibility and migration.

  2. Networking Services – There has been a steady growth in the demand for networking services in recent years. Adeeba E Services has come up with effective networking solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our networking services include best in class network design, deployment, migration, wireless systems, voicemail, email, messaging, security and mobile integration services. We offer extensive network growth capabilities to keep up with your businesses’ growth plans.

  3. Mobility Services – Adeeba E Services offers comprehensive mobile management services to help further the digitization and accessibility of your organization. Mobile devices have evolved into powerful business platforms and a growing number of businesses have to adapt accordingly. Our mobility services are engineered to help you capitalize completely on the benefits of mobile platforms. We deliver smartly designed applications, data management, security software, backup and imaging facilities for the Android and i-OS platforms. Our clients get complete integration of all mobile devices with their existing software infrastructure.

  4. Security Services – The need for foolproof security for the hardware, software, applications and network assets of businesses is growing each passing day. Adeeba E Services’ security processes starts with a thorough check of your current security system to figure out its vulnerabilities. Our security experts come up with customized data encryption and firewall plans based on your organization’s requirements. We provide a robust defense against viruses, spyware and all possible security threats.

  5. Communication Services – Communication plays an important role in the success of every business organization. With the advent of high-end mobile devices, faster network connections, cloud and multi-device application integration, businesses need to have stable and resilient communication abilities. Our communication services are built to enable collaboration, advanced integration and speed up your operations. We have enhanced our communication services by taking advantage of cloud-based, real-time functionalities.

Professional Services – How You Benefit

  1. Our IT professional services help you reduce maintenance costs and conserve operational resources.
  2. Your workforce doesn’t have to spend their hours trying to setup and optimize IT services. This allows them to be productive in your core business activities.
  3. We help our clients embrace technological advancements and keep them ahead of the competition.