More Solutions

More Solutions

If your organization is looking for all-inclusive comprehensive IT solutions, Adeeba E Services Pvt. Ltd. is the best option for you. We are one of the most globally reputed IT solutions companies, and help our clients get the best IT capabilities by the strength of our services. Apart from our usual IT and outsourcing services, we also provide more solutions such as software management, networking, managed print services, and 3d Printing. We also specialize in Point of sale, Digital signage, document management and business intelligence solutions.

How Our Solutions Help You

We help you organize and manage your organizational software assets and show you the ways to deploy and utilize them to encourage maximum transparency and productivity. Our strategies are geared to help you reduce costs, raise efficiency and end-user accessibility. Our networking team consists of top level, experienced professionals who provide resilient methods to help your organization create and manage your network infrastructure and its components (routers, modems, bridges and switches). You will be able to seamlessly integrate your existing hardware devices within the newly enhanced network and utilize superior connectivity.

Printing is an integral part of the work processes of increasing number of global organizations. The cost and effort needed to enhance printing infrastructure and its management can occupy much of a company’s resources. Adeeba E Services Pvt. Ltd. provides smart managed printing solutions, to help companies cut costs and streamline their printing processes. We also provide advanced solutions for 3D printing, which has emerged as a revolutionary advancement in printing technology.

Another stellar service from the Adeeba E Services’ stable is our Point Of Sale services. We have designed application based methods to rapidly enhance your customer transactions. Our innovative POS (Point Of Sale) services reduces excess dependency on hardware and increases all-inclusive software solutions to help you connect to your customers more efficiently, and ultimately boost your revenues.

Our document management system is best in class. You get foolproof ways to store, access, and secure your confidential documents. This reduces the risk of damaged or lost paperwork, legal complications and the possibilities of data breaches and thefts. We have securely encrypted data cloud systems to power our document management systems.

Adeeba E Services’ business intelligence solutions have helped many organizations put their best feet forward when it comes to big business decisions. Our business advisor experts are equipped with high level analytics, market research, and decades of practical industry experience. We guarantee that we will find the best strategies that are suited to your particular business and help you get aggressive statistical and financial growth.