Mobility Services

Mobility Services

Businesses around the world are witnessing a growing need to embrace mobile technology, just to stay relevant in the modern business world. Several organizations are adapting to the B-Y-O-D (Bring Your Own Device) model which enables employees to stay connected to the work network from their handheld devices, from any location in the world.

Mobile devices technology has evolved significantly over time. What used to be simple communication devices, now support full-fledged business and networking applications; on-par with most stationary computing devices. Mobile based digitization is a prerequisite for keeping an organization on the same level as their competitors. Adeeba E Services Pvt. Ltd. has recognized this trend and come up with its landmark mobility solution services. We have built tried and tested application-based integrated mobility solutions that revolutionize and speed up your work processes dynamically.

Why Choose Our Mobility Services

Our mobility solutions are available for most major mobile devices and their operating systems. They allow you to access your vital business data on the go, anytime and from anywhere in the world. We engineer and optimize networks that provide flawless connectivity, eliminating downtime, data loss and broken communication links. Our technical experts are equipped with vast knowledge, and are ready to implement solid back-up plans; to solve any device related issues that affect your use of our mobility services. Compatibility issues, authentication and upgrade errors, hardware malfunctions troubleshooting – our mobility services cover all aspects. We work with the best.

Adeeba E Services also develops smart business, networking and mobile security applications, that help you organize and integrate your mobile devices and their applications within your existing network. Our business and networking applications are capable of multi platform functionality, with major operating systems such as Windows, Android, i-OS etc.

Adeeba E Services also offers managed mobility services that enhance your productivity and cuts infrastructural costs. If you are an emerging company that is struggling to decide on, or implement the right Bring Your Own Device strategy, our mobility plans will give you the right solutions. We ensure that your workforce doesn’t face frequent challenges regarding full use of their devices, for no-nonsense work processing and connectivity. Our experts constantly test mobile devices and applications for their reliability and processing powers; prior to suggesting our clients to use them. Our mobility services are available at the most competitive rates and we offer 24x7 instant support regarding all your needs.