Managed Services

Managed Services

If your organization is looking for IT managed services; Adeeba E Services Pvt. Ltd. has the perfect solutions for you. We are a leading service provider in the managed services industry and have been helping global services offload their IT workload and raise efficiency. Our expertise allows us to troubleshoot most IT issues and offer quick solutions to help you out. Our managed services utilizes the latest technical knowhow, advanced infrastructure, highly skilled manpower, 24/7 monitoring and support, and help desk services.

Our managed services help you improve your operational capabilities, and give you the ability of upgrading your systems, according to the latest digital business trends. We pre-plan and implement our services in a way that won’t adversely affect your output, regardless of the severity of the challenges you’re facing. We will enable you to reduce operational and infrastructure costs, speed up your work processing abilities, and eliminate the need for maintaining a dedicated IT workforce.

How Our Managed Services Enhance Your Productivity

Adeeba E Services’ managed services takes care of your company’s assets securely, provides professional IT assistance to help you meet your project goals, and resilient communication systems across all your devices i.e. – desktops, notebooks, laptops, servers, networking hardware and applications.

We incorporate best in class, highly accessible Cloud technology with our powerful, dedicated servers for encrypted storage and backup of all your organization’s data, information and applications. We constantly monitor, optimize and suggest necessary changes for the performance of your network and applications. Our managed services include alerts, security, patch management, data storage, and recovery for different devices i.e. desktops, notebooks, servers, networks, storage systems and applications. Our data center facilities are capable of hosting multiple vertical and enterprise applications simultaneously, and are equipped with secure VPN (Virtual Private Networking) facilities.

Our clients get best in class web hosting, managed premises, messaging, video networking, managed firewalls and network monitoring. We have designed integrated management applications to handle our clients’ workloads better. A large number of industries from different sectors such as software, banking, retail, healthcare, financial accounting, communications and capital market, have utilized our managed services to enhance their productivity, and maximize their outputs. Our experts are always working on new ways to upgrade our managed services. We encourage organizations to outsource their managed services to us.