Data Center

Data Center

Is your organization looking for cost effective Data Center services? Adeeba E Services Pvt. Ltd., the global leader in IT services possesses all-inclusive data center services for organizations from different business sectors. We equip our clients with reliable, high quality data center services to control costs, reduce pressure on their IT staff, and maximize productivity and growth.

Through our data center services, we offer resilient cloud-based data storage and backup, integrated managed e-mail and messaging, encryption, authorization services and outsourcing. Our data centers are equipped with the best quality security infrastructure. Adeeba E Services’ Data Center experts help clients design, implement and simplify their organization’s data center infrastructure, and implement upgrades, according to the latest technical trends. Our data center plans are priced to give you a healthy Return Of Investment, and are highly sustainable in the long run. We possess world class storage facilities, state-of-the-art server equipment, 24 hour maintenance capabilities and trained experts to support our clients’ data center needs. Our Data Center servers rarely witness any significant downtime.

Why Use Our Data Centers

Adeeba E Services always offers its clients the opportunity to get highly customizable Data Center plans, to suit their actual needs. This allows your organization to get what it requires and just that. So you do not end up paying for the things you don’t really need. But if you do feel the need to expand or upgrade your Data Center capabilities, we are equipped to do so instantly, without disrupting your workflow.

The data center facilities we offer will transform your business into an industry powerhouse that never sleeps. You can significantly increase your productivity and provide quality service to your customers, with our powerful data centers. There is no risk of losing your valuable data and information as we make the best out of our Cloud-based infrastructure. Advanced encryption allows for the protection of your most sensitive and vulnerable data from all sorts of external threats. When your organization chooses to avail one of our data center plans, you are free of all costs power and cooling costs (which you would constantly need to upgrade otherwise). Adeeba E Services’ data center allows for flawless virtualization of your existing system infrastructure for maximizing efficiency. If you are looking for no non-sense, affordable, highly flexible data center services, we have the perfect solutions for yo.