Customer Engagement Solution

Adeeba E Services Pvt. Ltd., the globally leading IT and Outsourcing Solutions provider, offers top level Customer Engagement Solutions for growing and established businesses. We have recognized the necessity for organizations to improve their commercial systems and technical infrastructural capabilities, to reach out to more potential customers and improve the quality and delivery of their services. Through our Customer Engagement Solutions, we help you understand the needs, preferences and habits of your customers. We have designed these solutions through years of extensive IT business industry analysis, business sector specific research and the latest IT and digital commerce trends. The tools we provide you will help you digitize and market your business better, connect more effectively with your customers, enhance your e-commerce capabilities, raise productivity, and achieve significant growth.

Customer Engagement Solutions are an integral part of all modern CRM (Customer Relationship Management) infrastructures. The need to retain and satisfy customers is at an all time high, due to aggressive completion in the global markets. If you are looking for ways to market your business with tried and tested methods, boost your customer base and streamline your service capabilities, Adeeba E Services’ Customer Engagement Solutions will help you out. Our solutions will equip your workforce with the ability to thoroughly understand your customer’s demands, industry trends and enhance your e-store functionalities accordingly.

We are equipped with cutting edge CRM applications, technical expertise and on-demand support from our globally certified technical experts. We will provide your customers (and potential customers) with foolproof reasons to choose your services over those of your competitors. Our solutions have helped several organizations make the best out of their available resources, and popularize their services on a global level. Let’s have a brief look at the benefits your organization can gain by availing our best in class Customer Engagement Solutions -

Our Customer Engagement Solutions will enable you to -

  1. Target and attract potential customers through instant cost-efficient marketing strategies
  2. Provide better interactivity with existing customers and clients
  3. Give your organization a much needed edge with active analytical insights
  4. Incorporate advanced CRM applications for faster transactions
  5. Speed up and diversify your organization’s customer support capabilities (phone, email, chat etc)
  6. Automate business activities to let you focus on your core functionalities
  7. Reduce the waiting time for on-demand customer requests
  8. Back up and manage your customer and transaction data with our Cloud
  9. Get detailed statistical reports about your sales figures
  10. Promote your brand on all major social media channels and search engines
  11. Get access to high quality content tailor-made to drive maximum traffic to your online store and webpage.
  12. Design service methods that derive maximum customer satisfaction
  13. Get better business productivity and outputs
  14. Give customers attractive service plans to choose from
  15. Bring you more business and increase your ROI (Return On Investment)
  16. Utilize applications to engage customers across several platforms i.e. PC, mobile, tablets

Adeeba E Services’ Customer Engagement Solutions help you build client relationships that last a lifetime. We have both B2B and B2C solutions to cater to your specific customer relationship management requirements. We will build an effective support database and dedicated customer forums where they can ask questions frequently, interact with other customers and get instant help about issues regarding your services. Our marketing experts specialize in strategies that enable businesses to up-sell and cross-sell effectively; all while maintaining (and strengthening) client-customer relationships.

You will get to know each customer better, gain insight into their browsing habits, purchasing practices and raise engagement. We work hand in hand with your marketing team to provide flexible Customer Engagement Solutions that encourages them to choose your services every time. Our experts also incorporate social CRM and online promotional strategies to generate high quality customer leads instantly. You can offer personalized services to your individual user groups. We also suggest well-timed deals and promotions and help generate interest in your products and services.

With our technical expertise, you can get a landing page that is designed to attract maximum probable customers, and turn them into high quality leads. This is made possible by the dedicated efforts of our talented programmers, who also provide you with the latest form builder and cutting-edge conversion tools. We will ensure that your customers will find your stores and websites quite intuitive and user-friendly, and enjoy their shopping experiences. Adeeba E Services Pvt. Ltd. is affiliated with a large number of international marketing and business digitization agencies that help us enhance our Customer Engagement Solutions services.

Our Customer Engagement Solutions are quite cost effective and help you maximize your performance and productivity, while conserving your resources. We understand that organizations struggle to cope up with the growing costs of business digitization, infrastructural enhancements and sky-high operational costs. At the same time, it is important for every organization to constantly improve their customer service capabilities, deliver products within less and less time, while keeping up the quality and integrity of the product intact. Adeeba E Services’ Customer Engagement Solutions help you focus on developing your services even more, while we take care of your marketing and Customer Relationship Management needs. Our highly skilled developers, programmers and marketing experts are always equipped to help you modify and upgrade your online stores, forms and payment gateways. The time between your customers visiting your page and checking out is reduced significantly with our enhanced CRM applications.

Enhanced mobility is another key facet of our Customer Engagement Solutions. We ensure that your customers have a flawless mobile based experience while accessing your store and purchasing your products. We ensure top-level connectivity between your marketing campaigns and our automated marketing processes.

In order to strengthen our Customer Engagement Solutions, we incorporate our wide range of IT service solutions. Our technical experts are available for 24x7 consultation, and can provide flexible solutions to meet all your customer service and marketing needs. Adeeba E Services Pvt. Ltd. ensures the best possible ways to effectively retain your customers, deliver products and support instantly and keep up the quality of your services.