Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Are you looking for Cloud storage and backup systems to upgrade your organization’s work processing capabilities? Adeeba E Services Pvt. Ltd., a fast emerging IT solutions company, has the perfect Cloud-based solutions to meet your organization’s data storage and management needs.

Our highly reliable Cloud systems comprise of data storage and management, cloud based applications, system virtualization and integration, and security across all your end devices such as PCs, laptops, notebooks, tablets, servers etc. Cloud based applications are enabled with mobile and social integration, analytical capabilities and high-end accessibility options. We have a talented team of developers working on application encryption and security improvements. These are implemented into our Cloud solutions once we test them.

Why Use Our Cloud Solutions

The way in which modern organizations store and access their data has witnessed massive change in the last few decades. There has been an increasing trend of reducing physical storage devices for high end cloud-based server systems. The main reasons behind this are chances of data loss and leakage for factors such as hardware damage, system crashes, physical storage device errors and malfunctions. Cloud based data storage has become the answer to all-inclusive data storage and management. As an entrepreneur, business or IT leader, you can make use of our private, public and hybrid cloud storage facilities.

We offer several SaaS (Software as a Service) based applications for use within our cloud. These allow users to work, store and share their content and data, effortlessly allow and revoke other’s accesses, and streamline their data storage effectively. All your sensitive and confidential data is encrypted upon entry to our cloud servers. There is zero chance of leakage, security breaches, foreign hacking and phishing threats. The design of our cloud based applications is quite intuitive which enhances our clients’ user experiences.

Utilizing our cloud services has helped several global organizations reduce their infrastructural expenditure, cut down on server and energy costs, maintenance, and increase their productivities dynamically. Adeeba E Services’ Cloud solutions allow our clients the freedom to tweak and upgrade their settings with great ease. This way, you can select the application and security plans that are suited to your needs. Seamless cross platform connectivity allows the access of all your data across all desktops, laptops, notebooks, tablets, from anywhere, at any time. The power of our Cloud data solutions has given a digital edge to all our clients, greatly enhancing their workflows.