Adeeba Cloud

Professional Data Management Services

If your organization wants to avail professional, highly reliable and secure Cloud storage and management services, we provide the best solution for you. Adeeba Cloud is a benchmark Cloud data platform from Adeeba E Services. Pvt. Ltd, a globally leading IT solutions company. You get top quality storage, data management, system virtualization, cloud-based integration and security across all end devices such as PCs and laptops. Our cloud systems are resilient, super fast and highly accessible.

Data storage functionalities have changed a lot in the past few decades. No longer can businesses and organizations rely completely on physical storage devices. The main reasons behind this are chances of data loss due to physical damage, system crashes, hardware errors and malfunctions. Cloud storage has emerged as a big winner in this scenario. It has completely transformed the way people work, store their work and collaborate with others.

Adeeba E Services has utilized the power of its own feature loaded cloud storage to digitally transform global businesses, and allowed them the freedom to store their work and access it from anywhere in the world, at anytime. Our highly resilient cloud servers rarely witness any downtime, other than for standard maintenance and enhancement processes. You will never feel the need to build and maintain your own data storage infrastructure systems. With Adeeba Cloud, data-loss is non-existent, and so are the technical failures that cause them. It provides completely organized back-up for all your data and information. With our smart data protocols, you can provide and revoke the access of others to your files anytime.

Using our Cloud software is quite simple due to its smartly designed and intuitive User Interface. It’s very easy to login and access your drive contents, settings, sharing and privacy options. You can always tweak the cloud services according to your changing needs, with our instantly available storage and security upgrades and downgrades. Our server facilities comprise of the best hardware that are enhanced with the best performance customizations, for ensuring flawless data storage, high-volume application oriented usage and full accessibility. Adeeba Cloud has a great variety of business enhancement and accessibility applications that are available both online and offline, even in the absence of an internet connection. Regardless of the nature and volume of your data files, we ensure 100% secure hosting.

Adeeba Cloud is also quite easy on your pocket. We have planned and implemented the service to provide high quality storage at very affordable rates. Clients can choose from any of our pre-set cloud data plans, or get customized ones to suit their varying requirements. Adeeba Cloud delivers private, public and hybrid cloud data storage options, and advanced encryption, integration and priority sharing facilities. It is well equipped to handle multi-level increases in your data volume. We follow advanced encryption procedures to prevent any unauthorized access of our user’s data.

All your files and data are encrypted before they are stored on our cloud servers. This allows for total protection against any hacking and breaching attempts on your Adeeba Cloud account. Our Cloud security has been tested several times by our in-house experts and it has proved to be highly resilient every time.

Another standout feature of the Adeeba Cloud service is enhanced cross-platform integration. Our clients get easy 24x7 accesses to their cloud accounts and all their data from desktops, laptops, tablets and phones. It is available on most major Windows and Android based operating systems. We constantly improve our already feature packed Cloud services to keep up with the latest technological advancements. So you can access and use your data, files, applications and media whenever you need to.

Adeeba Cloud has already helped change the way many organizations do business, with its sturdy data management, application, security and collaborative features. It is one of the best currently available cloud storage options.